P2P Launched Pan Africa Continuing Medication Education



Message from Founder

  • Innovation in how to provide developing countries with these facets of life is a key ingredient in P2P's recipe for success. The only way to make a change is to make changes. In other words, if we hope to make an impact in the lives of others, we alter the way we approach the situation. In a world that is constantly transforming before our eyes, it is imperative that we do not allow others to get left behind. It is easier to turn a blind eye to the plight of a people when you cannot see it with your own eyes. It is easier still to believe someone else will handle it. I urge you to resist this mode of thinking. There is no one else. There is only you and me. Inaction is not neutral.
    - President and Founder - People to People Inc
  • A mission of this magnitude cannot be achieved without intellectual, economic, and governmental support from leaders not only in Ethiopia or even Africa, but from leaders around the world. These leaders are you and I. These leaders are family and friends. These leaders are parents, sons, daughters, friends, and neighbors. The Triangular Partnership is our greatest asset to helping those in need. This partnership consists of western institutions, developing countries, and the diaspora. It is an essential cornerstone on which P2P operates, creating the basis for a team of individuals working towards a better future for those who are disadvantaged by restraints in healthcare, education, and technology.
    - President and Founder - People to People Inc
  • This is the goal of People to People. Our mission is to improve the health, education, and success of millions of people entangled in poverty, particularly in Ethiopia, and throughout the rest of the continent as well. To many this may seem a daunting task. However fear is not a valid reason to shy away from what may feel like overwhelming circumstances. Great victories have not occurred in an absence of fear; they have occurred in spite of fear. Nelson Mandela once said, "Courage [is] not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." There is fear and uncertainty struck in the hearts of all those who have been and are affected by sickness and poverty. As their brothers and sisters, it is our responsibility to help strike down that fear and triumph over it. We do this with a courage borne from carrying our loved ones on our backs and providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed " both of which they are unable to obtain by their own means. We believe one of the most effective ways to achieve success is through education " both for those we are helping and for ourselves who pledge to help as well. The more we know, the better our chances are at addressing the issues at hand in a tangible manner.
    - President and Founder - People to People Inc
  • We are one world, one people. We must not look at the world with an "us versus them"┬ámentality. When our brothers and sisters stumble, we must help stabilize them. When they fall, we must help them back up. When they are sick, we must tend to them. Most importantly, when they feel they are alone, we must assure them they are not.
    - President and Founder - People to People Inc

"Building a bridge with Africa. For so long the diaspora has been the missing link. It is untapped potential . It can foster indigenous ideas to be engineered for national and international market and eliminate dependency for the future African generation! The diaspora can be the bridge to transfer knowledge, technology and experience!".

- Enawgaw Mehari -